Average. Thants about it.

User Rating: 5 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
This game, in terms of gameplay is average. The controls are similar to other shooters I've played in the past. I like how you can be either a human, alien, or predator. Each type has different moves and abilities which is awesome. The human is kind of sad but the alien and predator work well.
Story mode was ok. I will keep your interest. I spent more time with the human storyline more than the other characters, not to say they aren't interesting. I just remember the human more. It was ok. It pretty much is humans crash land in Alien territory and eventually run into Predators. Predator storyline is really fun. You learn about their "holy land" and how the humans are invading it. Aliens are fun to play as well, which I did not play them as much as the other two characters.
The kill moves are lame. At first it was a little funny watching a Predator ripping a humans head off with its spine still attached but it gets old. After the third time, I said to myself, are their anymore animations?
Multiplayer matches need work. There are not enough levels. Re-spawning areas where your character will re-spawn were silly because you would die and respond in spots where you were killed.

I say it's worth a rental or if you are a fan of Alien vs. Predator, don't spend more than 10 dollars on it.