Rebellion triumphantly returns with a reboot of a franchise that made us love them in the first place.

User Rating: 7.5 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
The original AvP game from 2000 for PCs was an amazing game that made science fiction gamers nerdgasm and so did the sequel. It's unfortunate that with today's "hard to please" standards that this game didn't sell very well. But Rebellion has always been that company that's basically trying for that cult base of gaming. 2010's AvP is one of those games that is successfully a cult game but sadly doesn't please enough for anyone to play the best part anymore; the online servers are empty.

Presentation: Bringing a new Bishop to the table was a great idea and it certainly makes the campaign interesting from all three points of view but it'd honestly be great if the Predator's campaign didn't suck. While fun, his story is just bad and the Xenomorphe's campaign is disorienting.

Gameplay: The Marine's play like you would expect from any shooter and that's not a bad thing. The Xenomorphe's wall/ceiling running is really disorienting because you sometimes don't know where you are but it's definitely more fun to stealth as a Xenomorphe than the Predator. The Predator is still fun to play while it lasts.

Graphics: The engine used was perfect for this game and I would love to see it in some future Rebellion titles. It's unfortunate that a Xenomorphe can be seen in perfect darkness by light reflecting off his exoskeleton. But they still manage to startle you as a marine.

Sound: From Xenomorphe hissing to Predator clicking and mockery to all-around voice acting and explosions, gunshots, lasers, screaming, dying, headshots, tearing flesh, etc... It all just sounds amazing. The soundtrack ain't half bad, either.

Lasting Appeal: It's sad that the online was the best thing about this game and nobody plays it online anymore. I even played it on Steam and got nothing there either so I highly doubt that anyone plays it on even the X360. NO ONE plays this online so, the reason to keep this game is for campaign until you puke and go for the platinum trophy.