A very good game but way to short.

User Rating: 9 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
AVP is a fast paced hardcore killing frenzy but lacks overall game time unless you can play the on-line multiplayer. It took me around 5 hours to play through all the stories roughly 1 1/2 hours per story. the game focuses mostly on stealth except for when using the marine then it's pretty much like being in a Rambo movie. Both the predator and the marine each get a selection of different weapons to use as where the alien just has the claws and tail. each race has collectibles to look for although supplying no real bonus for them. One other option when playing single player is a simple survivor mode pitting you a marine against wave after wave of Aliens. A game well worth playing but not really worth buying at the current release price the thrill from it just did not last the time I think it should have.