3rd time im writing this review and its the last! I love this game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
Its a good game get this if you like Fps or Alien vs Predator. This is a very good first person game.

Good AI
3 campains, horde mode, multiplayer make lots of content
Multiplayer isnt addicting but its fun.
Cool first person elements.

Gets boring kinda.
AI gets old.

I will organize this from campains to multiplayer. So lets start off will campains and horde mode. You can play as the predator alien or marine. Marine campain has good scares fun fps elements a good almost like the movie ALIENS story. The predator is stealthy or intense with epic boss battles fun trophy kills and it really makes you feel like a stalking predator. The alien campain is my least favorite but its still good it once again makes you feel like a alien. You can climb walls hide in vents your extremely fast and its dark and spooky. The horde mode is almost like a COD WaW nazi zombies mode but with a marine and lots of aliens in like a mining place.

The multiplayer is simple it has interesting mode you can play some normal ones like deathmatch and team deathmatch or you can play these alien and predator modes called infection and predator hunt. You can play the horde mode with 4 people online.

So this game is good and it has a pretty high replay value. I recommend this game ignore the bad reviews please.