In a time where the fps genre is stale with the likes of mw2 and halo, AVP is simply a sight for sore eyes. i

User Rating: 9.5 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
I managed to get a early copy (PS3 version) and i completed the single player campaign and im currently digging into the multiplayer.
The single player campaign can last upto atleast 14-15 hours , where for the average length of the campaign for each species is about 4-5 hours depending upon the difficulty . The Single Player is enjoyable and has a fairly good story.
But thats not the best thing about AVP.

The multiplayer is where this game truly shines. there are 7 modes including the favourites such as Interspecies team deathmatch , Infestation, Predator hunt and the 4 player survival co-op which is a complete blast. The good thing is that all the 3 species are perfectly balanced like rock, paper and scissors. The Alien is the most agile and can stalk his prey by crawling on the walls and cielings and can also detect nearby entities but he has to swiftly leap on his target and get the kill before he is compromised, the controls are dodgy for the alien but once u master it, ull enjoy it even more . The Predator is an efficent hunter but in multiplayer is arsenal is scattered through out the map and hence he has to remain stealthy until he can acquire his weapons , he can certainly cloak and evade the marines but the aliens can still detect him. Both the Aliens and Predators can grab their enemies from the back and perform a brutal trophy kill which is simply too awsome to watch and it never gets old , if they can manage to inflict a critical strike on the enemy they can perform a trophy kill while facing the enemy. And finally the marines , what they lack in raw power they certainly make up with fire power. He is not completely helpless as u think he is. His pulse rifle can pack quite a punch and his motion sensor always beeps whenever theres movement in the vicinity. When ever a enemy makes an approach towards your position, the motion sensor begins to beep with a higher pitch and this is terrifying. Totally reminds me of the ALIENS film. Even while playing as the predator i just like they way ull move to a higher vantage point and you observe your prey just like the movies.

Thats the best thing about this game, it does not try to be like the other FPS games out there, it remains true to the franchise of both the aliens and the predator films. This is a good game from Rebellion after a long time and im very pleased with this game. Fans of the series and hardcore FPS gamers will love this game instantly , i cant say how others are going to respond but i suggest u give it a try It really is a good game and im really dissapointed with gamespot for their verdict. Like i already said, we are in a time where this genre is stale and capitalized with the likes of MW2 and HALO and the reviews alone reflect that.

My final verdict 9.5/10 . BUY IT!!!