Great fun, I have really enjoyed it

User Rating: 8 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
First of all I am 43 years old and I played this game for 4 hours last night after working all day. I haven't done that for a long time.

The first thing I wanted to try was the survivor mode. This was great fun though it was disappointing they only included 2 maps. This starts off with the easier breed of Alien and wave after wave come after you. Then the harder breed of Alien like you see in the movies show up and thus far I have only lasted a few minutes with them..

I then tried the Alien campaign, I have enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. I tried the demo of the game and didn't like the controls. However, you really do get used to them. Once you combine the jump with the transition you can move around fairly easy. There may be an better too I am still experimenting.
Anyways, the Alien campaign has been great. It's a lot of fun to crawl along the walls right above somebody before pouncing. The only flaw that is that it doesn't seem to allow to drop from above on top of the victim. You have to drop to the floor around them. It would of made more sense to land on them to knock them down.

I haven't tried the online with the full version yet, but did with the demo which I thought was pretty good.

The graphics (PS3) to me look pretty good though not the absolute best I have seen. They certainly could of been a lot worse. The main draw back is the characters repeat a lot. Seems like you kill the same characters over and over.

My main and primary complaint with this game is the lack of single player modes. All the multiplayer modes should be available offline with bots as partners. But as usual they take the easy way out and just do the online multiplayer.

In summary the game is a lot of fun for at least awhile. For me I don't think it will have much replay value because of the repetitiveness. However it's worth buying.