I am goin to start by teling that is god game and i fell like i am lin the alien an predator movies

User Rating: 8.5 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
i am a fan of avp games as well alien movies and predator movies,i like the fact that you can play as and alien,predator or marine.This game is not perfect but is very intertainig as well is the multipleyer i understand that this game is not for everyone but it is for the fans of the past games as well as the movies the god ting is that is not base on the avp movies is got is origenal story and that makes it great,personaly i like the game is got god graphics god gameplay and a god multipleyer but they can make it beter if you are a fand of the past games you wold like this one.i love the way that the predator rips of the spine of the marines is sow awsom and the marine campain fells like in the movies and the aliens as well this game.I will also end with the fact the sound and music in this game are top noch. feels dead on to the movies. There are also a lot of multi-player skins to unlock that are classics from the movies from the net head scars from AvP and dog/bull alien from alien 3, to the predators from avp and avp 2.