AvP done just right.

User Rating: 8 | Aliens vs. Predator PS3
I am going to start by saying this is not an AMAZING game.

However, it is a very good game for fans of the series. It is rare that you get such a large package with one game and needless to say if you are looking for an alien, predator, or just a creepy shooter you have found a good game. The campaigns all tie together to make a story that may not be amazing, but at least it is not nearly as bad as the movie story lines.

Starting with humans, if you want a creepy Gothic vibe that will scare the bejesus out of you look here first! It is easily the strongest of the three and offers the most normal FPS experience.

The Predator story is much more sneaky stalk stalk kill. Tho, the controls do take awhile to get used to as soon as you figure it out then you will be having a blast running around picking off the humans with one brutal kill after another.

The Alien feels more like it was just plugged in, and I do believe that they take the longest to get the controls down. Needless to say my girlfriend got MOTION SICK, trying to watch me play the as the Alien. It's very spazstic until you master the controls and has the weakest story. However, if you played a lot of the Alien in the demo you will have the controls down enough to not really care. It still has some amazing brutal kills.

This game shines in multi-player as well. I have fallen in love with infection and predator hunt modes. There is also basic death match, racial death match, and a survival mode that feels as creepy as playing as the human.

All in all, it is a GOOD game, IF you are a fan of the franchises. They fact that there are 3 completely different experiences make the game a great bargain in my opinion. They may have been able to make a 10/10 game if they focused on just marine, or just another race and just that one, but they gave us a full package with three completely diffrent play threw experiences.

If you are a fan it is a must by and if not you will still enjoy many of the multi-player options.

I will also end with the fact the sound and music in this game are TOP NOTCH. Feels dead on to the movies. There are also a lot of multi-player skins to unlock that are classics from the movies from the net head scars from AvP and dog/bull alien from Alien 3, to the predators from AvP and AvP 2.