Alien vs Predator = fans only

User Rating: 9 | Aliens vs. Predator PC
First of all I would like to make clear that I am a huge fan of both the Alien and Predator franchise. What would the movie world be without these two jewels of "movie monsters"? Putting that aside lets dive into the game!

First off (and perhaps most importantly), this game is ment for people who actually enjoyed the movies. Why you ask? I see a lot of people stating that the Marine guns sound like toy-guns and the radar is bleeping like a submarine radar on steroids. Well....thats what its suppose to do! Watch the movies then please! A lot of the whining, bad reviewing for this game is because people have no idea WHAT they are playing as. I hear that people find the Predator overpowered...are you really kidding me? Thats supposed to be like that. Why else would you have a multiplayer mode where a group of marines try to take out one single predator?

What I am trying to say is that if you do not like the movies or never heard of them, the game could seem a little bit confusing or just generally not worth it. But, if you do like the movies and liked the previous AVP games (AVP and AVP2) then this game is definetly made for you!

Graphics: The graphics on the PC version of the game are all that I hoped for it to be! Nothing special but surely nothing out of date. The lighting effects are pretty awesome and especially in the multiplayer where they provide a nice effect. Tip: As an Alien, smash the lights. That will send them marines screaming! The gore in this game is well made and the "killing moves" are somehting which you can really enjoy! Simply sublime!

Sound: Well, the movies each had their own music. The predator had this creepy jungle jam while the Alien movies had more of the "orechestra right in your face" music. Well sadly neither of that in here. Although the music is not really an eyecatcher (or should I say earcacther?) the ambient sounds are really good. It really gives you the feeling that there could be something at each corner which is a must in a game like this.

Gameplay: 3 campaigns. Three species. Each with their own abilities. Each with their own purpose of why they are fighting. Can it seriously get any better than this? Each race feels so differently and so unique that its really hard to choose which one is my favorite. I suppose you'll have to try em all out!

And lastly and perhaps even the best: Multiplayer.
I simply loved the AVP2 multiplayer modes. Survivor was my favorite and its back! I find the single player campaigns really interesting and fun but it all comes down to multiplayer in AVP. This is the reason why I bought this game. AVP2 gave me the best multiplayer memories ever.

Let me just put it this way. Did you enjoy the previous AVP games? If your answer is no, then move along. If your answer is yes....what are you waiting for? Get this game!