Aliens Vs Predator 4?

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Rebellion says that this game sold better in other countrys than it did America (thats no supprise) and they are wanting to make a sequel. but SEGA is ether not ready or does not want to. it is still possible that well will see a sequel for this game. but not for a while. AngryJoe on YouTube said he enjoyed this game, but he still expected more from it.

If Rebellion does make a sequel some time soon, what do you hope to see in it?

my opinion; what would be cool is if the next game was a open world. all 3 factions would have a HQ hidden on the map where they would return to re-stock and heal.

the Marines would have a base hidden in the moutains, the Xenomorph would have a hive deep underground, and the Predators would have a camp deep in the jungle. all 3 factions need to find enemy bases and try to capture or destroy their territory while also trying to defend their own base from the enemy and the local wild life.

the jungle is a very dangerous place. even as a Xenomorph or Predator, there are some places you cannot explore yet due to the dangerous wild life or areas heavily gaurded by your enemys. as you level up you are allowed more team members to your party to increase your battle strength to both the offence of a enemy base and defence of your own.

this is just a idea i came up with. i know its not a very good one.

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That sounds like more of a Multiplayer idea, which would be nice. However I don't see that working well for a single player campaign. I really like this franchise and I'm hoping they get to making more games after Aliens Colonial Marines. This game just didn't have the beauty and enviornments that AvP 2 had. I want to explore the direlect again, see a Space Jockey or something just like in AvP 2. I loved playing as a facehugger and a chestburster AND as a predalien in both the single-player and multi-player. I'm hoping they'd bring those elements back in a sequal. That would be well worth it in my opinion. I want a PredAlien campaign DLC!

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Your ideas are very good,but if rebellion chooses to stick to the storyline of the game,I think that it will be even better.Think about it:according to the campaign endings there are three ways to continue the game.The marine who survived and Corporal Tequila are headed back to earth and Tequila has an alien growing inside her.Weyland also managed to find out the coordinates of the Alien homeworld.Maybe the evil **** sends teams to that planet and,as usual something will go terribly wrong.As for the marine,the situation is bad as it is,considering they escaped in Weyland's shuttle and he knows about the embryo Tequila is carrying.The Predator managed to kill the Elite Predalien and,thus,gained reknown in his tribe.Maybe the Predators also send a ship to the alien homeworld,because they,too,found out about the Alien homeworld.And what about the Alien ending?It became a Queen!Nice touch,rebellion team!So,as a player you'll have to play another alien warrior in AvP 4.What do you think?
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I would love to see them bring back the other character class's. such as ExoSuits, Xenoborgs, (Xenomorph Cyborgs from the first AVP game) Marine special ops, Blitz Predators, (The heavily armored Predators from AVP Extinction that shot plasma missiles from its back) Clone Troopers, (Aliens Resurrection) Ravengers, (The giant Xenomorph with blades on their wirsts) and a huge list of AVP characters i hope to see in the next game. but sadly i know they will not all fit in so i purposed an idea on YouTube. what about a custom character? for one reason it would be fun to create your own Marine/Predator/Xenomorph, another reason is because some people had a problem that the main Marine character in AVP 3 was black. so having a custom character would keep the racist people happy. if they do add a custom character then i hope they add super long hair for the humans. hair that grows past the waste because i would love to bring back Linn Kurosawa from AVP Arcade. sure i could make her suit easy but it still wouldnt feel the same without her insanly long hair.

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Just playing the pc version of this game in the Alien campaign and i think that Rebellion just need to stick to this what they have done previously (AVP, AVP 2 and AVP 2010) since it's pretty much perfect.
I really can't think of much better way to put it. Sure you can fine tune the mechanics we have in AVP series but do not completely wipe it off or start over. There is a big possibility that it will end up like Aliens: Colonial Marines.
Why change something that has been proven to work? More-like bring back that darn crouch function which was missing in the latest AVP ;)

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In my opinion they can shove this game up their cornwholes!!! avp 2010 sux in comparance to AvP2...they can do what ever the like with the single player campaign, enter a new story, continue this one from the last AvP...but in multiplayer the game is so bad...servers are lagging all the time, u kinda need a super computer to make the game frameless...lagg some more :)). Anyway...i hope they fix these mistakes in the following sequel..i really miss avp 2..that game kept me up a lot of nights...Avp 2010...didnt keep me sent me to guys dont have to agree with me on this...but u all have a lot of good ideas for the next AVP...i cant belive that we are the only one's with this kinda imagination...

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AND YES.....BRING THE CROUCH BACK....ITS embarrassing!!!!

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This game was terrible! Oh well, I doubt we will ever get another avp, but if they do it will have to be on next gen, I'd like them to go back to how they did it on avp2 on the pc, but of course much better graphics, and better gameplay. Avp2 honestly got stale after a while I had to use cheats to see the other levels, I dont usually want my hand held but sometimes I was utterly bored looking around where I needed to go. I never did beat it from beginning too the end.

Honestly I just dont think we will se another one the most recent avp was pretty average not really that playable. I will say the mp was fun for a little while but I would much rather tea bag noobs in halo reach than play just about any other mp game. It's the only mp I play anymore, cant stand cod, screw battlefield that game is boring and full of glitchers and cheaters, and well it doesn't even work, gears of war was fun in the first game mp as it was brand new still, but never did like the mp style, it works in sp but should have been fps in mp that would have been cool.

Why I even bothers posting in this thread is beyond me this game has been abandoned clearly...same with well the entire site and ign for that matter hard to find any real conversations.