More of the same click-and-wait-for-monster-to-die boredom with a linear Lord of the Rings story to add to the pain.

More of the same old Dungeon Siege style combat and linear Lord of the Rings boredom. There are painted walls that can provide you radically more entertainment than this copycat delirium. Only the most dull-witted could ever endure it through to the ending. Add in the broken camera bug which forces you to constantly readjust the camera as your character moves and the game is just awful.

The only way I could recommend this game is if you need to substantially lower your braincell count and IQ to be able to enjoy World of Warcraft or date a teenage blond.

If you must play this game, for example out of regret for buying it and needing to emotionally compensate for the sunken funds, then you should hire a learning-disabled preschooler or house pet to play it for you. You can watch the cliche movie of the dragon being killed followed by cliche ceremony at the end of it to officially designate you as having finished the game. You can even brag about it on Facebook so people can revere your astonishing ability to withstand exposure to intense boredom.

Playing Dragon Age is like reading War and Peace - the squeeze is definitely not worth the juice.