The Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero is the best yet! Or in this case the best in the series!

Guitar Hero has been one the most enjoyable games to play especially with a friend.If you have an Xbox 360 then you need to buy this game! I know many peopel saving up to get the game because of its $90 price tag,but it's worth it. The sound is great! You can hear the songs perfectly. The soundtrack is a mix of some classics and oldies we all enjoy today. One of the great things about its soundtrack is that you can play it again and again and you wont get tired of hearing it. One of my personal favorite, You Really Got Me, was intresting to play. Because on each difficulty it was faster,harder, and louder(at points).So if you notcie that the song is playing a little faster on Hard than on Easy. Or you find it hard to use the orange key, it's normal.The downloadable songs are out and priced at a high of 150 Microsoft Points for 3 songs. If they were sold seprately for 50 MS each it'd be easier. Becasue then I wouldn't be stuck with Ozzy Ozborne, The value of the Xbox 360 version is at its highest. The 360 version offers more than the standard PS2 version. Enhanced graphics,more songs,and the notes are seen less fuzzy on the 360 version. AT points when playing the PS2 verison the notes become fuzzy so you can't really see them. The graphics are great! They're looking better than past and other versions of the game. Guitar Hero has some intresting designs of guitars like The Fish for example. I'm not sure if it's original or not ,but it's a unique design and looks funny if you look at your character while he/she is playing it. Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 is the best verison out with great graphics,great songs,and great fun. If you're torn between getting the PS2 or Xbox 360 version there are 2 things on your mind. Price and Gameplay. The price for this version if $90 ,but is worth it. The PS2 version is $60(in my area) ,but gameplay isn't as good. Just save up money and soon you'll have enough to rock out with the guitar controller.No more air guitar now you step it up...controller guitar.