i thik that the game is simpley cool but it could be better

I get a little tired of the constant "where's the originality? Where's the new ideas?". Here's my take on that... I'll take unoriginal and fun over original and not fun any day of the week.

Titan Quest features a lot to like with some thing not to like (as in should have stayed in beta a while longer). There are some crashes here and there, especially while leaving underground areas. The interaction with NPCs can be interrupted by your pets. Performance optimization apparently didn't happen and there may even be a memory leak thrown in there somewhere. A few patches later and here is what we will have:

The graphics are nicely done with a lot of detail everwhere you look. You go from area to area and each has its own style and ambience. The boss creatures are impressive. Spell effects are OK, but nothing spectacular.

The music and sound is nice. You will find some of the usual Diabloesque pings when certain items hit the ground which is always useful. You hear creatures grunting around and enabling their powers when you get close.

Control is a little choppy and the pathfinding is almost nonexistant. You can click on the same creature 4-5 times and just run past them each time. You can also find yourself on one side of a rock, and clicking on the other side will leave you standing there. Beyond that it is exactly what you would expect from this type of game.

Gameplay is a blast, and I've enjoyed every minute of it when its not crashing or acting like a slideshow after extended periods of time. Luckily the developers are aware of these problems and we should see a fix soonish. While there's not much new... the story is very interesting and what is the same, is the same because its fun. The dual class system is nicely done and pretty much every class can compliment another with probably the exception of rogue/archer.

Final note: definately worth the money and time to play. The single-player campaign is long and interesting. Go for it!