Great game, altho probably not for everyone

I have not yet devoted that much time to single player in all honesty only 2 maybe 3 hours so far but it seems good, altho the missions can seem a little repetative at times its easily solved by taking a break from the story and just going around smashing stuff up, cause this is amazing fun, and the damage engine is spectacular.

I have also become totally addicted to multiplayer, its crazy and addictive, a great and refreshing change from most of the multiplayer shooters that are out there, altho the game types are variations on what you would see in any shooter the damage engine adds a whole new dimension to the play and the backpacks also make for an extremely interesting addition, that adds to the variety of the play.

This is a game i will be playing for a long time to come, enjoyable single player, great multiplayer, i just hope enough people feel the same way and keep the servers populated instead if just going back 2 halo after a week or 2 like always seems to happen with shooters on the 360.