Fun but the original was better.

The original MarioKart was a really great game and really fun to play with friends. This game is basically the same game with a few additions (that don't necessarily make it better) and the Wii motion controls.

This is another game that you can put on the "fun for parties" category of Wii games. While it is enjoyable alone, it really requires friends (or internet play). The gameplay is very enjoyable but really doesn't do anything that the original MarioKart didn't do. A few "weapons" have been added, some of which are frustrating and annoying.

The biggest problem that I have with this game is that Nintendo obviously didn't bother with the visual design at all. Mario Galaxy is the best looking game on Wii, but MarioKart doesn't even look as good as the original MarioKart on 64. Very bothersome.