The game should have remained in production for at least another 6 months. Yes, the graphics are beautiful, and I will admit that it is very satisfying to throw your enemies around. However, there really isn't anything new here. The gameplay is almost exactly like that of "Far Cry", the illusion of openness and just being tunneled to the next point is te same as "Far Cry". Even the very repetitive combat dialogue seems to have carried over from "Far Cry." I am not saying all the listed above so far is bad, because I really liked the pace and style of the original. The two biggest gripes I have hinge on two points: length and quality. This is how I determine whether I have made a worthwhile purchase, or I have gotten screwed. Quality in this game can be quite sporadic. One moment the world is nice and beautiful, the next the game crashes and you just lost everything you just accomplished. Also, I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but for some reason the game would not recognize it's own disk. How poor of quality can you get?! Finally, the length of this game is WAAAAY too short. I was actually enjoying the story attached to the game, and then they suddenly drop the ball. 'spoiler' One minute your flying toward the island to try and save Prophet, the next the credits are rolling by. I felt like I was robbed when this happened. That is why I gave this game a low rating. It doesn't deserve any higher.