A good game but not perfect.

I bought this game because almost everyone who owns a 360 has this game...I plan on using this game to get into Xbox live when I am able to afford it.

Due to my lack of any multiplayer experience with this game I may end up updating this review with a higher score...but for now I will just get into the Single player aspects of the game.

Apon starting this game I knew I was in for a very polished and tight feeling game, the graphics really blew me away with all the bloom lighting and great bullet impact effects and explosions. The ghosts look great and have a very smooth life like feel to them...even the controls seem to respond in a very organic manner. The enemies look pretty bad...almost to the point where I wonder why they even bothered...I bought a next gen game...I want next gen everything.

the new interface really changes the mission structure...though I hate that I am not able to pick my weapons as much as I would like...and I doubt that Mexican revolutionary's would be outfitting with G36K's...I would have rathered see a bunch of AK varients...but your choices are good...not as good as the other GR games....but okay...but why can we not have a scope on a weapon with a underslung grenade launcher...seems like a forced balance issue to me.

The story is pretty standard...almost laughable considering the current political climate...but still it is good enough for the game and never feels that bad at all...the villain feels a little B movie like though...the last level is a good indication of that.

The sound is really good...bullets hitting concrete and such...the music is kinda dumb (the All along the watchtower cover is alright...but the rest is pretty lame indeed)...but the score is nice...I like that almost Hans Zimmer feel to it.

The AI is pretty awfull...the enemies are okay...but your ghosts are dumb as rocks and do not do anything on their own...I would have liked them to take some inititive and maybe automaticaly heal others and such.

I do really like this game...it is good enough to play again due to the very open narrative of the game...it never feels like you have to play the whole thing to enjoy it.

I hear that this game is great on Live...I will be trying that this weekend and I hope it lives up to the hype.

anyway...if you like Clancy games...buy this game...if you need one game to buy with the 360...buy Elder scrolls...more money's worth.

Here is my edit...I have put more than enough hours of multiplay into the game and I must say that it is really great....but only if you have a few good freinds on your list.

The maps are great and sometimes very easy to remember...the extra guns are great and add personal style to the game...the ability to lock out certain weapons is a welcome feature due to the reduction of COD2 style grenade bombing and such.

my only gripe is that you really need to find a good crowd to play with...alot of dumb kids and adults don't understand that it is a team game and needs to be played like one.

again...stupid halo playing running gunners tarnish a otherwise great game!

anyway...GET THIS GAME!