Just Like Fallout 3

Two years after the Fallout 3 , we see a game with new scenario (and no way to continue using your F3 character) and the exact engine with no any visual upgrade. This is not the time to make games like it. I'm one of the biggest fans of Fallout trilogy but i am really disappointing after so many changes in graphics engine to see a game with the signature of Obsidian and without any great upgrade from the predecessor . First of all every little time the system lags due to a loading occurs in HDD that hasn't happen to Fallout 3 .
I can just tell you that i am going to complete the game anyway cause as i say i am a Fallout Fan and even without upgrades the game is enjoying enough.

Play it your self and judge... have fan :)

System Played in:
Phenom II x4 940BE - Corsair DDR2 Dominator @1066MHz 2x2GB - HDD Velociraptor 300GB 10.000rpm Sata2 - Sound X-Fi Elite Pro - VGA Asus Ge-force GTX280 .
Game is installed in Secondary HDD Seagate 1TB and raptor is used for windows and cache only.