Hands down the best game on PS2.

You got SOCOM, the only best online game ever made on the PS2, yet it has one of the easiest, and at the same time frusterating single player. Heres the deal, if you want to unlock all the stuff for MP, your gonna have to beat the SP 3 times, each time getting harder. What I can't believe, is once you beat the game you unlock all the things you do for SOCOM 3 for the PSP version! Thats freaking unbeliveble. You can transfer all the stuff on to your PSP when it comes out, neat huh? Back to the single player, with only some exciting moments, the single player is only good for MP stuff (Gillie suit, STG77, etc.) and you can blow through it three times in about 11 hours. But the multiplayer is the best that you can play on any console game. Think counter-strike, combined with BF2, and you got SOCOM 3, so do yourself a vavor pick this one up!!!