Heavy Rain- a great game to play in bad weather :)

Heavy Rain is an action/adventure game, where the gamer plays the role of four different characters each involved in a chase for the Origami Killer.
As already mentioned you play four characters- Scott Shelby a private detective who's investigated the crimes on behalf of a family who's son was a victim, Madison Paige a photojournalist, Ethan Mars an architect separated from his wife after the death of one of their sons and kidnapping of his other son and finally Norman Jayden an FBI agent who also is investigating the case of the Origami Killer.

Heavy Rain offers a really fresh and different way to playing a game. The game is all revolved around the choices you make and those choices will bend the plot and change it. Basically you play your own story based on what you do. Whether you shoot, what questions you ask, the actions you take are all down to YOU. This fresh way of playing a game has really made Heavy Rain stand out amongst the best games of 2010 so far.

The movement of characters is all very realistic and the imaculate detail on the facial features of each character is really quite scary but at the same time it makes you feel like you're in a real life situation
A small negative is that there are some graphical flaws such as food/drink and also it seems that a character can't touch his/her face with his hands.
Whenever you wash your face or put head in hands in devastation. The hands don't actually look like they touch the face.

The music is brilliant, really moves the story in a way that the Bourne films did. The accents of the characters and the overall sound is also very, very realistic.

Heavy Rain is definitely not a game to be missed especially as it's PS3 exclusive. This new way of playing the game has never before been experienced and it is a real joy to play a game that has a gripping storyline and a load of twists that are all down to you.

I would highly, highly recommend every PS3 owner has Heavy Rain in their collection.