Choose your partner and fight through the city...

...of Shanghai, which begs the question: who in EA is racist enough to the Chinese to have killed millions of them and some tourists in order to make this game? Needless to say, you'll need brain, guts, a sharp eye and an itchy trigger finger to get outta here alive cause it's tough to stay alive with hordes of goonies chasing your butt gunning with whatever the hell they brought.

Army of Two: The 40th Day is the next installment to the series. Heavily influenced by Gears of War's gameplay system, Army of Two mimics the gameplay almost exactly the way it is with only a HUGE emphasis on co-op. For this reason, the game's difficulty, even in Casual, is not what you'd think: It is hard but not too hard to the point of frustration. The games difficulty mainly comes from the health of both Rios and Salem, which is fragile in all difficulties and the fact that everytime a new enemy that is more than your average grunt, you wouldn't know how to beat it till you try every theory to what might beat this guy. This reason makes it ESSENTIAL for you to play with a human partner, offline or online (more recommended) as you can apply tactics realtime ,without the AI's stupid tendency to jump into gunfire and get hurt bad.

The graphics is what you'd expect from Unreal Engine 3, is good, with excellent draw distance and detail in the background as buildings fall and hit each other destroying the environment. However despite what you believe the game has no destructible environments, its only the background or scripted events that the place gets smashed up. But the frame rate is consistent despite the destruction, which is a good thing... to people with no imagination.

Gameplay wise... is all similar to Gears of War. So if you know how that game works, we can move on. For the rest of you, let me explain. The gameplay in GoW is excellent and intuitive, NOT revolutionary. The gameplay is done in an third person over-the-shoulder perspective. It introduces a simple one-button cover system, not only that you can hold that one button to sprint, tap it on an open field with the left analog stick tilted to any direction to dodge roll and tap it with any cover available, your guy will slide to the cover. In Army of Two :the 40th day, you can do all that with some extra features such as customizing weapons, play rock-paper-scissors (not a joke), scold or praise your partner.

Overall, this game is great, an excellent shooter for those who enjoy a good co-op game and for the guys in the PS3, to get a chance to see what they were missing all this time with Gears of War. Also as the first shooter of 2010, it's also a great way other that Bayonetta to start the year.

I recommend this game to shooter fans and those who like to play with buddies offline or online. To others, the game will not be a ride in the park, but its multiplayer availability makes it an enjoyable ride to everyone.

Though, you're still welcome to pick it up.