wooooo hoooooooo, Zelda comes back again with this amazing sequel, Zelda phantom hour glass, this game is amazing, i cant stop saying amazing, where do i start, well it starts out your an aventurer with a girl named tera, or something, (i forget) on a ship, and on the seas, the news is about a ghost ship where all you went on, never came off, and your courageous friend jumps on the ghost ship, and in your atemp to stop her, you fall out of your boat and wake up on an island, that all i will tell you about the story, i story is an amazing story by the way, what else i found amazing was the controls, its all touch screen, nothing else, and also battles at sea, every thing is amazing, you just have to get this game, you'll be playing it for hours, its an amazing, game. and i'll leave it at that, get the game to find out the whole story, and after you get the game, you'll be saying amazing all the time.