A very disappointing game for fans of both the 'Aliens' and 'Predator' series.

User Rating: 6.4 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction XBOX
Pop quiz......name one good console game that came from the Alien series. Ok, couldn't think of one could ya? That's because there aren't any!!! And I am sad to say this game doesn't change that much. I am a HUGE Alien buff. I own all the movies. I have seen 'Aliens' TONS of times. I even have movie posters all over my room. It pains me when I play this game. Not because it's THAT bad. It's just that it could have been SOOO much better. For those of you that don't know, this is NOT a first-person shooter. I know the PC games are and they are very good. This is a real-time strategy game. I know some of you are probably wondering why the heck EA would make a RTS in the Alien vs. Predator universe. If you really think about it, however, it's not a bad idea. They just messed up in the execution. You can choose of the the three races (Human, Predator, Alien) at the beginning of the game. You then go through a series of 7 missions for each race. There isn't much of storyline to any of them. And the one that is there, isn't all that interesting. Each race has their own advantages and disadvantages. Humans are good for ranged attacks and have lots of different guns. Predators are stronger and have the cloaking. Aliens wins by sheer numbers alone. While it is fun to march into an alien hive with a platoon of soldiers, it gets old the 6th-7th time you do it. A little more mission creativity would have been welcome. One of my favorite things to do in RTS's is build up my base. Get this unbeatable fortress built and then go and attack the opposition. Well, you won't be doing that in this game. This is about action and unit-management. There are upgrades to your units, but there are no buildings or bases to construct. You just move your units across the battlefield and fight. When they die you order more. That simple. Of course, to order units, you need currency. Each race has their different ways of obtaining said currency. The humans have to find and fix atmosphere processors. The Predators collect the skulls of the enemies they kill. The Aliens infest whatever they can. The problem is that your max unit count is very low. Especially when you use the Predators. I know this is probably to keep people from just stockpiling units for 20 min. and then mad-rushing the computer. But, it sucks when I am walking across the map with 6 predators and I run into 25 humans all with guns. 10 of them happen to be synthetics who carry motion sensors so my Predator's cloaking is useless. And the reason I only have 6 predators is because the max count is 12. Well my 'base' (the thing I use to order new units) uses 4 unit spots. Then I get one gun turret and I can buy anymore. That is stupid and one of the main problems with the game. Another issue is the HORRID A.I. of your units. Don't even try to tell a squad of units to go from point A to point B without babysitting them. Because they will randomly go in different directions and even run into the enemy base Rambo-style all on their own. They get stuck on walls. Get lossed. You name it. It's easily the worst part of the game and had me screaming at my TV many times. For some reason there is no rotating 3D camera either. I thought the right analog stick would be put to good use here. Nope. So, units get lossed behind objects and you can't rotate the view to see anything. I will give them credit on how the set-up the whole control scheme. To fit all of the functions of this game to the Xbox controller couldn't have been easy. You will never complain about what button to press for any action. Any RTS veteran will pick it up quite quickly. The graphics are a mixed bag. While they don't look too bad, they could have been better. Gee, think there is a theme going on here? Anyways, the units are quite small. I guess they have to be able to fit them all on screen, but I was hoping for more detail and animation. The surroundings and playing fields that you are on, are very boring and desolate. I know that's how the planet is supposed to be, but they could have used more imagination. The music is well done. They rip some of the movie's music off. But, I didn't mind. The SFX all sound very nice. Once again, just like movies. There is very little voice acting, so not much to report there. I am VERY disappointed with this game. Not because it's bad. I just had high hopes for it. This game would have been so much better if they would have tightened up the A.I., made sharper & better graphics, and maybe left it in development for a few more months. What we are left with now is a game only hard-core Alien vs Predator people are going to buy, like myself. And that's a shame.