Why are those guys just hangin around

User Rating: 10 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction XBOX
This game gives the player the extreme control of either 3 factions as what i like to call

these are the factions you can control throught the game

- a unique creature that can go stealth, kill, run, and pretty much do anything. there are alot of predators that can be on the field and some will collect heads off of your prey, wether one is sick or low on health it will eventually heal and the best one for me is the big predator with all the kick ass wepons and armor.

- are smart, edgitive creature that have, chainguns, lasers, medics, rockets etc. these mighty humans can be sent with 3 men and still come up on top. the humans carry heavy artiliry wepons and can take some of the aliens eggs to research in some levels.

- are the best suited for your playing style. There comes with the MIGHTY QUEEN ALIEN which is a pretty tuff creature you get hit with this baby you are sent flying. some alien scouts are quick but cannot defend them selves to good. They have unique characteristics to each alien wether you hook the headcraps(sorry foregot what there called) onto humans or anamils they will be normal aliens but if you get them to hook onto a predator they can become PREDALIEN

All the species have upgrades that can be purchased to make the soldier or unit more effective in battle. there are over 20 missions combined and each time a mission starts there is this cool comic style drawing on the loading screen and a good intro at the begining

i rate this game - 10 / 10