User Rating: 5.9 | Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction XBOX
The struggle between two of Hollywoods favorit monsters is pretty well established on the market. With two hit games behind them, the slimy aliens (the ones that pop out of your stomach), and the camouflaged Predators (the ones with dreads and facemasks) jump into the fray once more. Only Extinction isn't a FPS like the first two, but transfers all the creepies to the RTS genre. Unfortunately the chill of fear is almost completely lost in the transfer. When you're no longer seeing the action through the eyes of the beasts, but hovering quietly above the battlefield it's just not as exiting anymore. The only glimpse of anything good in a rather mediocre game is playing the aliens, whose lifecycle goes through a lot of stages from li'l critter to killing machine or Queen, and demands that you supply fresh cadavres along the way for ingestation. Daddy's proud of his critters, but disappointed about the lack of tension and creepiness.