Aliens Versus Predator 2 Cheats For PC

  1. ChaseView (Third-person)

    Go to your Avp2 directory and open the autoexec.cfg file:
    go all the way down until you see alot of "rangebind"
    type this (with the other rangebinds)

    rangebind "##keyboard" "##36" 0.000000 0.000000 "ChaseView"

    And save. Now you will be able to toggle Third-Person by pressing J.

    Contributed by: Yami310 

  2. Running in a vent as a Praetorian.

    Praetorian can't usally run in a vent but if press and hold ctrl to charge your jump then press the space bar to jump,let go of ctrl before you reach the vent and go in.You should be standing up and be able to run at full speed.

    Contributed by: Maniac Matt 

  3. Rapid sniper fire.

    Fire the sniper rilfe then go into zoom mode then fire again.You can keep doing this till you run out of ammo.

    Contributed by: Maniac Matt 

  4. Aliens Versus Predator 2 Single-player Codes

    While in game press ''Enter'' and type ''<cheat>'' (include the space after <cheat>), followed with the one of the codes from below and then press ''Enter'' to enable the code.

    Code Effect
    mpcanthurtme God mode on/off
    mpschuckit Add weapons and ammo
    mpsmithy Full armor
    mpkohler Full ammo
    mpstockpile Full ammo (maybe with differences?)
    mpbeamme Beam player to level start with initial conditions
    mpsixthsense No clip on/off
    mpicu 3rd person mode on/off (HUD doesn't visible in this mode)
    mptachometer Show speed info on/off
    mpsizeme Show size info on/off
    mpgrs Show rotation info on/off
    mpgps Show position info on/off
    mpfov Edit (with keys) FOV value
    mpvertextint Edit (with keys) vertext tint
    mplightadd Edit (with keys) light amplification
    mplightscale Edit (with keys) light scale
    mpbreach Edit (with keys) weapon breach
    mpwmpos Edit (with keys) weapon offset 1
    mpwpos Edit (with keys) weapon offset 2
    mpbunker Unlimited ammunition
    mpxfiles Level select for all three species
    mpbeamme Teleport to level start with default conditions
    mpdoctordoctor Set health to indicated number
    mpmorph Change into indicated character type (
    mpmillertime Warps character speech

    Contributed by: Ryouji Kaji 

  5. Morph Options

    Hit the return (or enter) anytime during the game and enter ''mpmorph (species name)'' at the prompt. Replace ''species name'' with the choices below. Some may be bugged.

    Code Effect
    apesuit Become selected species
    bloody_eisenberg Become selected species
    chestburster Become selected species
    combatsynth Become selected species
    convict Become selected species
    convict2 Become selected species
    corporate Become selected species
    drone Become selected species
    droppilot Become selected species
    drunkardtechmale Become selected species
    dunya_ai Become selected species
    eisenberg Become selected species
    exosuit Become selected species
    facehugger Become selected species
    femalelabtech Become selected species
    grenadier Become selected species
    guard Become selected species
    harrison Become selected species
    hazmat Become selected species
    heavypredator Become selected species
    laboror be the selected character
    lightpredator be the selected character
    malelabsynth be the selected character
    malelabtech be the selected character
    marine be the selected character
    marine duke be the selected character
    mccain be the selected character
    meanguard be the selected character
    merc1 be the selected character
    merc2 be the selected character
    merc3 be the selected character
    merc4 be the selected character
    mhawkpredator be the selected character
    minigunner be the selected character
    obrian be the selected character
    officer be the selected character
    pocguard be the selected character
    pocofficer be the selected character
    praetorian be the selected character
    predalien be the selected character
    predator be the selected character
    pulseriflegirl be the selected character
    pulserifleguy be the selected character
    queen be the selected character
    railgunner be the selected character
    runner be the selected character
    rykov be the selected character
    rykovjr be the selected character
    sadargunner be the selected character
    scientist be the selected character
    scientist1 be the selected character
    scientist2 be the selected character
    scientist3 be the selected character
    scientistchief be the selected character
    smartgunner be the selected character
    smuggler be the selected character
    tamiko be the selected character

    Contributed by: CronoLV99 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by DarknessUK 239K
Other Predator Hardcore FAQ by The EternitY 52K
Other Marine Hardcore Campaign Walkthrough by The EternitY 70K
Other Predator Walkthrough by Wood Elf 39K
Other Alien Walkthrough by Wood Elf 27K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Oni5115 198K

Aliens Versus Predator 2 Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Various Codes

    Press Enter during gameplay. You should see a small screen come up to input the codes.

    Code Effect
    <cheat> mpcanthurtme Invincibility On/Off
    <cheat> mpschuckit Get every weapon and armor
    <cheat> mpsmithy Max Armor
    <cheat> mpkohler Max Ammo
    <cheat> stockpile Max Ammo
    <cheat> mpbunker Unlimited Ammo
    <cheat> mpxfiles Level Select
    <cheat> mpbeamme Go to start of level
    <cheat> mpdoctordoctor <#> Put Health to indicated number
    <cheat> mpmorph <character name found below> Change to indicated character
    <cheat> mpsixthsense No Clip On/Off
    <cheat> mpicu Third Person view On/Off
    <cheat> mptachometer Speed Display On/Off
    <cheat> mpsizeme Size Display On/Off
    <cheat> mpgrs Rotation Display On/Off
    <cheat> mpgps Position Info On/Off
    <cheat> mpfov Edit FOV value
    <cheat> mpvertextint Edit vertext tint
    <cheat> mplightadd Change light Amplification
    <cheat> mplightscale Change Light Scale
    <cheat> mpbreach Change weapon
    <cheat> mpwmpos Edit Weapon Offset 1
    <cheat> mpwpos Edit Weapon Offset 2
    <cheat> mpmillertime Marines have funny voices
    <cheat> mpdeathtoall Kill All

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy 

  2. Character Names

    Enter with the character name code.

    Code Effect
    alien Alien
    apesuit Ape Suit
    chestburster Chest Burster
    combatsynth Combat Synth
    convict Convict
    drone Drone
    droppilot Drop Pilot
    drunkardtechmale Drunk Tech Male
    eisenberg Eisenberg
    exosuit exosuit
    facehugger Face Hugger
    femalelabsynth Female Lab Synth
    femalelabtech Female Lab Tech
    grenadier Grenadier
    guard Guard
    guard1 Guard 1
    guard2 Guard 2
    guard3 Guard 3
    guardofficer Guard Officer
    harrison Harrison
    hazmat Hazmat
    heavypredator Heavy Predator
    laboror Laboror
    lightpredator Light Predator
    malelabsynth Male Lab Synth
    malelabtech Male Lab Tech
    marine Marine
    marineduke Marine Duke
    mccain Mccain
    meanguard Mean Guard
    merc1 Merc 1
    merc2 Merc 2
    merc3 Merc 3
    merc4 Merc 4
    mhawkpredator Mhawk Predator
    minigunner Minigunner
    obrian Obrian
    officer Officer
    pocguard Poc Guard
    pocofficer Poc Officer
    praetorian Praetorian
    predalien Pred Alien
    scientistchief Scientist Chief
    scientist3 Scientist 3
    scientist2 Scientist 2
    scientist1 Scientist 1
    scientist Scientist
    sadargunner Sadar Gunner
    rykovjr Rykov Junior
    rykov Rykov
    runner Runner
    railgunner Rail Gunner
    queen Queen
    pulserifleguy Pulse Rifle Guy
    pulseriflegirl Pulse Rifle Girl
    predator Predator
    smartgunner Smart Gunner
    smuggler Smuggler
    tamiko Tamiko

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy