A Fantastic Update From The Original Version.

Super Mario World is a sequal game to Super Mario Bros Two for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Well, I have to say this one is better. It takes the old game way out of style by adding points when you get cherry's and other things. Also the little recreation of the levels gets rid of the icky glitches from the first one. I'd say this game is a "must" for a game boy advanced or a ds. It gives just as much everything from the original and more. You will definetly love this game, plus it's only like ten bucks used at eb game, hint, hint. So, I think this game could be one of the best for the Game Boy Advanced. And if you don't have it get it. Every body love a little Mario once and a while and you will enjoy this game for hours on end. So I am going to give this game and outstanding rating. 9.0/10