Great game, but i cant help but to feel that its reduced down for the psp.

First of all, since this is a Grand Theft Auto game, it automaticly is awsome. This game is definatly great and IS the must have game for the PSP.
The gamplay is great, and is very addicting (what can you expect?). This game is in my psp almost 100% of the time. I think the best part of this game is just to take gta in the car, or anyware. The story is great, and the missions are good too. And not to worry, all of good old Liberty City is here in there! The cars are actually better than in GTA3. There are plenty more really fast cars, and MOTORCYCLES!!! There are a lot of new features like car and bike salesman, sanchez racin, and garbage man. There are plenty of changable outfits you can unlock, and cool new hideouts that you can go inside similar to San Andreas. And i guess the multiplayer is good too (i havent played it yet, because nobody i know has a psp :( )
But there are some problems to this game. Its short, small, crapy framerates, the controls could be WAY better, crapy graphics, though lazlow is in there, the music sucks. but the one thing people need to know before they buy this, dont expect this to be as good as San Andreas, or even close.
yea but overall this is a great game, all psp owners NEED this game!