Will Tales of Vesperia be a shining star to the tales series?

This game was absolutely fun with an incredible opening and used the same music and singer for the opening too. The game starts with the main character Yuri Lowell who wanted to change the world by becoming a imperial knight but was disappointing of their actions, so he quit. So Yuri befriended Estelle and such to change the world in their own way they can think of. The graphics of this game is very beautiful including characters, enviroment, and the attacks. You can use this feature called an over limit to keep landing an normal attack until the guage runs out and you can use mystic artes while in this mode. This game allows multi-player function so bring your friends over to play. There are many interestings places you can go to in Tales of Vesperia. So if you have an Xbox 360, I suggest you buy this game.