Outstanding storyline and music but unfortunate mulitplayer

This game is absolutely fantastic game. It is tied as my favorite Fire Emblem title. (other one being Radiant Dawn) The awesome part about this game is that not only does it have great replay value, it also has stuff to do when the game is over. There are good and bad aspects about this game tho. Not many bad ones but some.

The Good:
-The story line is perfect and a good length that people don't feel like it is dragged out.
-The soundtrack was absolutely phenomenal I would stop playing just to let the music play for a while. Nintendo has done it again and I love that this game was fully orchestrated.
-The characters and the support system was great. It made me actually care more about getting supports not just for banter but for in game usage. Not to mention incorporating yourself as a character is always a plus.
-The voice acting was flawless. I love how they voiced every major character and used the appropriate voices for them all.

The Bad:
-The multiplayer was pretty disappointing honestly. The fact that the Co-op play was a crappy rip off of Pokemon pissed me off to no end. While they had added the ability to battle your friends, I was expecting a head to head online battles like in Shadow Dragon.
-Even though I like the ability to train by using reeking boxes or versing old fire emblem players; I don't like that you can second seal an unlimited amount of times. It makes you far too OP if you level so much without the progressing in the story.

If it weren't for these flaws I'd give it a perfect 10 but I still love it and give it a 9.5