Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Expansion Pack Cheats For PC

  1. AVP2: Primal Hunt Codes

    Press enter, then type the following codes. Notice the space between <cheat> and the actual code.

    Code Effect
    <cheat> mpschuckit All Weapons and Ammo
    <cheat> mpmorph <character type> Change Character Type
    <cheat> mpbunker Unlimited Ammo
    <cheat> mpicu Third-person Mode
    <cheat> mpbeamme Teleport to Start of Level With Default Settings
    <cheat> mptachometer Speed Display
    <cheat> mpsizeme Size Display
    <cheat> mpgps Show Position Info
    <cheat> mpdoctordoctor <number> Set Health to Desired Number
    <cheat> mpgrs Rotation Display
    <cheat> mpsixthsense No Clipping
    <cheat> mpxfiles Level Select for All Species
    <cheat> mpcanthurtme Invincibilty
    <cheat> mpsmithy Full Armor
    <cheat> mpstockpile Full Ammo
    <cheat> mpmillertime Edit Weapon Offset 2
    <cheat> mpwmpos Edit Weapon Offset 1
    <cheat> mpbreach Edit Weapon Breach
    <cheat> mpvertextint Edit Vertext Tint
    <cheat> mplightscale Edit Light Scale
    <cheat> mplightadd Edit Light Amplification
    <cheat> mpfov Edit FOV Value

    Contributed by: maximus86 

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