Will gamestop refund a paid in full preorder?

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I really had high hopes for this game, and after reading these reviews and many other reviews I think im going to have to go and cancel my preorder. Will gamestop give me a full refund )cash) if I paid in full for preorder but cancel? I was super stoked about this game and just feel let down again with another game.

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I used a debit card and paid the full price of $59.99. If I didnt pick it up and take ownership of it, wouldn't they just refund my order? I was never given a receipt for it because I have a card membership at gamestop. I just dont want to waste 60$ on a game that will be 25$ in a couple months. Ill get it when it hits the bargin bin.

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You might be stuck with a gift card/store credit refund. Cash payment, you can get a cash refund. I'm not too sure about a cash refund for a credit payment.