I already have the game...

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Hello people , Today i got alien colonial marines !  I played trough half the campaign allready and played some multiplayer matches, hard to find people tough.

If you have any questions regarding the game , please ask and i'll answer them for you.

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how good is the game?and the voice acting? and the story? and the guns? and the everything?

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The graphics aren't that great but it gets alot better after the 3th mission.

The story so far is good , i saw alot of people complaining why there are so many aliens on the ships while they didn't had any hosts on the ship. It is all explained.


The multiplayer so far :It is perfectly balanced in teamDM , Aliens aren't weaker as marines and the marines aren't weaker then the aliens.

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is it good like the first avp or not so good like the 2nd

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I don't quite remember those games , sorry..


The only bad thing about this game the voice movement and no combat records of your deaths or kills in multiplayer. Well didn't found the last one yet.

Owye and apparently you also have to kill other people in this game , not only Xeno's . which i find stupid .

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pictures or it didnt happen

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Is it worth a rent or a purchase?

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I would say rent and if you like it . Buy it.

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I have pre-ordered the Collectors Edition of the game, given what you have said about the game thus far would you say it is still worth getting the Collectors Edition or would I be best  just buying the regular edition of the game when the price comes down a little?

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It is horrible, prolly even worse than the last AVP... In the last AVP, the animations were not that vague, the voice acting was half decent, the story, although stretched was having at least a logic continuity. This is one gone wrong in so many ways...what a let down...as thisis one my all times fav film.
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Can you tell us what exactly survivor mode is? The bug hunt dlc sounds like a horde mode so i assume this is like escape without objectives. Am i right?