This game is worth the buy it's highly addictive and is amazing when played on multi player!

First off the games graphics are great amazing colors and also sound is great. The game play is fast paced and very well done. 4 way fights make this game amazing especially when played on multi player with your friends. Trust me i don't even watch the show and after playing this game mad me want to actually watch it! If your a fan of the show you need to buy this and if your not a fan of the show believe me its still good. If you liked games like DBZ SS Warriors 2 then this game is even better. The game uses the touch screen to activate specials and different moves but if your more comfortable using the buttons u can just do the moves with the buttons. There are around 30 different characters and each one have unique skills and abilities. The story mode in the game is ok to me. I don't watch the show so i'm not very sure whats happening but after beating the game i understood well enough. When this game is played with friend using multi player its just amazing. This game is great and you wont be mad you bought it.