Alien Hallway Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Upgrade one unit till 10th level Specialist
    Complete the game on extreme level of difficulty Professional
    Get 5 stars for all game levels Perfectionist
    Upgrade the base till 5th level Master of defense
    Complete any level of the last planet without loss of friendly units Invincible
    Upgrade all friendly units till 4th level Great commander
    Win the battle with lower than 50% health level of your base Extreme
    Have 10 Snipers simultaneously present during the battle Phantom warrior
    Complete all game levels Liberator
    Call for 5 Heavy laser gunners during the battle Elite only!
    Upgrade airstrike till 7th level Air force
    Kill 1000 aliens Bloodbath
    Use airstrike 100 times Air supply
    Accumulate 1000 energy units during the battle (can't be achieved on "Resources refill" and "Final Step" levels) Mean
    Call for 20 Flamethrowers during the battle Hell
    Liberate the first planet Good start
    Throw 300 grenades Fire in the hole
    Call for 20 friendly units during the battle Numerical Superiority
    Call for 50 friendly units Armada
    Kill 100 aliens Blood Lust

    Contributed by: Guard Master