Nostalgia for MIDI and pixilated goodness

User Rating: 9.5 | Albion PC
This is one of the first PC games I ever bought, and it wasn't even that new when I got it. Naturally, I suspect I will be biased towards it, but there was something about it that clicked with me. Its only on one CD, but the game play seemed to go on for hours. You could pick up practically everything ( a bonus for someone that belongs to Facebook's "Kleptomaniacs of Morrowind"), although most of it was worthless, and it had a plot and fairly detailed speech interface that let you type in words. There is a level of detail in the pointless plot enrichment I have only seen in the books of Morrowind. The design is like nothing I have seen before or since too, with tile based third person turn-based combat, first person real time city interaction and top down third person map views. The design is lush, music and sound effects believable. cut scenes are all in game (except for his dream) and everyone feels like a character (except for Siobhan). The story is genuinely exciting, and so good its like it was written by Azimov, although the dialogue is clunky, so it must have been a collaboration with David Eddings. Everything about it I loved, and one day I hope to finish it.