One of the highest production value game in XBLA

User Rating: 7.5 | Alan Wake's American Nightmare X360
American Nightmare is a indirect sequel to the original Alan Wake, half spinoff and half of a sequel. Story overall is quite confusing, as it represent a chapter of a tv series called the nightsprings but it does give some hits of a possible Alan Wake sequel. American Nightmare brings Alan wake to a new adventure in a new environment - Arizona and the presentation is top notch with FMV, and an arcade mode AKA mercenaries mode (RE5) as icing on the cake.

A lot of complains come from the cheesy story and dialog. I personally felt that its not really an issue as it is quite humours sometimes and a loose approach to story and dialog make it felt like a tv series from the 70's. General change of gameplay from a linear level design to a much more open-world level gives a breath of fresh air to Alan Wake. A fine example for Remedy to do a sequel of Alan wake.

The biggest complain from Alan Wake was repetitive gameplay. American Nightmare didnt improve over that but instead expended on the issue by redoing the same sandbox level 3 times as forced in the storyline with a slight change in objectives and increased difficulty. Fetch "quest" as common in any open-world game makes a return to Alan Wake. Overall, the game objectives needed several new ideas but as a $15 game for a 5hr gameplay, remedy outdone themselves with high quality budget games could accomplished.

Graphics in AWAN is some of the best showcase of graphics on console, support that claim.

Some random thoughts of possible improvement in AWAN:
- harder difficulty for SP with frequent random "Taken" spawn (something to waste "remedy allocated" stockpile of ammo on)
-some old taken and new taken makes extra challenge (splitter + raven/invisible taken)
- more variety of objectives to recap the 3 forced replays and side missions to give alternate endings and to make proper used of the sandbox level
- Arcade mode AKA "mercenaries mode" underdeveloped, no coop and had potential. Models such as Emma Sloan, Serena, Everybody loves "Barry" and Mr Scratch could be used as an additional gameplay option in Arcade mode, each has a different loadouts/method of combating the darkness.

Overall, AWAN is a solid entry to Alan wake fans and new comers alike. Althought AWAN is more action oriented and a less directed story does showed that games are meant to be fun.