Adds little to the story, but still alot of fun

User Rating: 8 | Alan Wake: The Signal X360
I sighned up for xbox live just for this (i hjad previously been using my rother's acount) and I (like most people) used the cupon origional the game game with, and I have to say I'm impressed with this add-on.
The story picks up afer the end of the first game, and it depicts alan exploring the "Dark place". Like twoards the end of the origonal game, you get all of your items by shining your light on words. the ad-on dose have some clever parts, like one scene you can lure the taken under streetlights to kill them instantly. The game plays exactly the same as the orional game, and adds no new moves or wepons, which is a little disapointing. Also, there are no new manuscripts to collect. But the biggest gripe is that this add-on adds nothing to the story, no new charecters, plot developments, or anything, the only thing it adds to the story is taht alan might be crazy and making this all up, but most people who played the origional already expected that. Another thing is that this add-on is SHORT. It will only take you 2 hours MAXIMUM if you go around and find everything.
So overall this si a soild add-on for people like me who just can't get enough of alan wake, and come on, it's free with the cupon.