It's like two games in one!

Okay, have you ever played Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, and liked it? Well then Radiata Stories is right for you! The gameplay to Star Ocean is extremely similar, only Radiata Stories is shorter (always a bonus), has plenty of humor in it (which alot of games today are really lacking in), and TWO story lines! Well.........for most of the game anyways.

At this branching point you have two choices, join the Human side, or the Nonhuman side. If it's your first time playing, I suggest the Human side first because there's just not so many *gasp*s in the Nonhuman side, and if you play the Nonhumans first, it'll ruin it for you.

The music in this game however can be a little annoying sometimes, but for the most part, it's pretty good. It's strong and dramatic when it needs to be, and sad sometimes as well. The voice acting is also done very well.

The graphics suit the game's quirky sense of humor. Even though it might not look very "realistic", it's very easy on the eyes and enjoyable.

All in all, Radiata Stories is yet another masterpiece from Square-Enix. This company never seems to disappoint me........except in their release date for Final Fantasy XII, it seems like that game's NEVER going to release........