A fun shooter that you'll spend an hour or two on, but once you're done, there's nothing else to do.

User Rating: 7.5 | Age of Zombies PSP
NOTE: this will be a fairly short review.

I thought this looked like a fun game, and I was right, and for 5$, it's a pretty good deal.

The good: It's funny, it's cheap, good graphics.

The bad: No replay value whatsoever, it's short, shooting diagonaly is akward.

I got this game for 5$ off the playstaion network, I played it for an hour or two, and i beat it, that's right this game will only take you about two hours, you know what, this is the second short game I've reviewed this week. But anyway, you play as Barry steakfries (who has the 2nd stupidest name in video game history) and you travel through time to stop an evil scientist's army of zombies.
The game has some genuinly funny lines and you'll find yourself chuckling at Barry's whitty remarks. The game has some good graphics, if you play it on the PSP, on the PS3, the graphics are. . . O.K. And after you beat it you can play a survival mode that can be fun for a while, but overall, there's really nothing to do when you beat the game.
On one last noet shooting diagonally is kind of akward as you have to press two buttons at the same time.
So overall this game is worth 5$ for a couple hours of zombie blasting action.