Age of pirates bugs make the game near unplayable at times, but when the game is good it gets really good.

User Rating: 7 | Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales PC
In age of pirates you can either play as two characthers a fortune hunter called Blaze, or his red- headed daredevil sister Beatrice. The game sets you in the 17 century where you can live a pirates life. There are six factions in the game you can pick to be. some of them are the french, british and of course pirates. The first thing you will see is that if your new to these kind of games, is that it will take a very long time to get into. learning the controls take time, and fighting is very tough, since you only begin with a very bad class 6 ships. but you can upgrade your ship with cannons and sails. and you need to increase your skills in the game to or you will be crushed. some skills you can upgrade for your characther is navigation to steer your ship better, or you need to use them for fencing, if you want to fight better. in age of pirates for the money you get you must also use them on musketers, soldiers, sailors and cannoners. you will also need to hire officers in the game if you want to take somebody elses ships, you must also pick skill points for officers. the quests in this game are very fun. for example killing a pirate to be a leader off the pirates. you can also take quest for money in this game like deliver slaves to colonies or delivering a writer to a other island. but the problem is with these quests is that they are very repetetive.

The very nice thing about this game that changes it from most games are that you can do as your wish.ut you mustce the consequenses of it.
Ship battles can get really fun in this game, and some of them can get really epic. you must also board ships in these battles which is really fun to begin with, but the problem is that they can get very repetetive. its always the same go there kill them battle over. The ship battles in them self can also get very boring. because at times it can get a little bit overrealistic, like your ship drives at no speed because there is no wind. there is also very many bugs in this game like every 50 minute the game will crash to desktop. and if sometimes your ship crashes with a other guys ship the ship will fly across the map. its also very irritating to see in ship battles when you ships sinks you will slowly have to watch the ship sink and then look at some strange death picture. The AI will also do stupid things also like one little pirate ship of the enemy attacks your 4 huge ships which is absoulutely stupid. the AI will also crash into a island to. so the AI in the game is quite broken sometimes. but overall the single player is a very enjoyable expirience even with all its bugs. and questing for hours rocks.

Unfortunately the multiplayer isnt as good. joining a server can get really hard sometimes and that makes it frustrating. the server asks for a password sometimes even if the server doesnt even have a password system. and the game also lacks players alot. the multiplayer has
four game modes, your standard deatmatch and team deatmatch, and two others like defend the convoy, or capture the fort. there where no servers with defend the convoy so i dont know what it is. but capture he fort is that a team needs to defend a fort, and the others need to kill its defenders and destroy the fort and attack it. none of the game modes in multiplayer isnt interesting, so you shouldnt bother around with the multiplayer. The sound in this game is Good. you can hear the rattle of the cannons exploding into the other ships. and if you activate third person mode you can also hear the oceans sound. the musical sound in this game fits every thing well. you can hear a good city song which will remind you of that your in a busy city. in the ocean when your not in battle you can hear a very quiet nice beatiful music, which can almost make you sleep but be careful to not forget that your actually playing. and then a fitting song when your in battle that makes you wake up pretty good. The people your talking with in the game doesnt sound to stupid. but when i walked in to an enemy city the traders i saw made some stupid grunt sound. and when you talk with somebody they
always says something like im not in the mood for any chatting but in the text it stand something completely else. and always when you talk with somebody they JUSTdont want to talk with you. its also bad that it isnt any music in the multiplayer which makes the multiplayer feel bad. The graphics in this game is very interesting. the ocean looks great and when your in a city everything looks very good, though it could use some details here and there, the characther faces look pretty good. but some look completely identical to eachother. some of the ships in this game could also have some detail and the islands doesnt look good at all. but overall the game looks good. And so it is here is the game worth buying or not. For 40 bucks your getting a good package, the game will take you some time to get through. and there is also very much to see and do in the game. if your looking for a great single player game and a great multiplayer you are not gonna get it here. but if you really have waited for the game a long time and you know what to expect you will find the game to be well worth the money. but if your not so sure i advice you to rent it because the game is in desperate need of a patch. if you can take that it will crash a lot i say go for it.

Overall the singleplayer is good even with its problems, the soundwork is very good with some beatiful music. the graphics is both very good or bad. If you love pirate games and you have patience, and you love questing, this is the game for you. if you want a complete game and if you want a deep and dramatic storyline with amazing graphics and a great multiplayer this isnt for you. the choice is yours. But now its time to put those pirates in place ARRR!!!!