Compared to Pirates Of The Carribean, its very fun gameplay...

If you were a fan of Pirates Of The Carribean, i strongly recommend you buy this game, it works the same way as before (nearly) but this time it enables you to do more stuff in the game.

Its merley a copy of Pirates Of The Carribean but it expands more through the gameplay.

You start off as a Young man who seeks his way through Carribean life, as so, you start with a Small Ship, fast and effective for exploring and doing missions, Doing these missions will enable you to slowly create more cash/gold for yourself and hopefully in the future upgrade or even buy better ships.

There is much more to the gameplay... there are numerous ways of earning money.. eg Boarding an enemy ship and taking its funds/goods then if you have an officier you can capture the ships

You then have 2 ships in your command, nice. However, you need more crew this means you spend more money on wages ever month... so you need to keep the missions rolling or boarding otherships.

You have a homebase... UK,France,Dutch ect... which ever one you choose before you start the game.

You can also earn cash by trading goods from other colonies to the another.. eg One colony will export `Leather` and another will import it

So basically you buy it for 2 gold each and sell it at 30 gold each

Bigger ships = bigger guns = more cargo space = more crew If you advance really far into the game its time to talk about taking over colonies... yup :D

How'dya fancy owning your own colony and raking in all the profit and gold it makes.

Its not easy... and its hard to maintain since once you have captured at colony.. everyone turns against you... even your hometown. So many other countries and pirates will want to try and capture your colony as well.

When attacking a colony.. you have to beat the Fort... = very hard, you need a big ship, stong, most of time you need at least 2 ships to tackle the fort

Once you have defeated the Fort... you then launch your troops into the colony and kill all the guards and soldiers defending it

Voila ! Once that is done,, the colony is all yours. Put a governor in charge who you wish ( goveners stats/skills help increase forts cannon fire rate, soldiers training, ect...)

You can buy and upgrade your colony with Farms... barracks... mines... ect....ect...ect.. forts.. ect... HOWEVER ! Upgrading and buying new buildings in your colony cost a bomb... so im talking about 500,000+ It took me a week of trading.. doing missions to even earn 300,000. However... the more missions you do = better jobs jobs you get as your skill increases and more money you make.

Its a huge sim game... really fun and playable
I strongly recommend since ive had 5 years of hardcore gaming.

Thxs for reading