Runescape is a great MMORPG for those with a small budget.

This game is no World of Warcraft or Everquest. But, that doesn't mean its a bad game by any means. The game is definately addictive, and chances are you will spend countless hours playing. While playing Runescape, you will definately experience level grind as you preform the same tasks many time to level up. The game is easy to get in to however, and as you level up, you will find much more to do in the game such as quests, items, monsters, ect.

You can play the game for free and while that should keep you busy for a while, the real fun happens when you become a member, which for $5 a month (more or less depending on your payment method), is a not a bad deal. Members get access to more than double the area and features on Runescape.

As far as graphics go, they aren't very good but this is understandable for a browser-based game. The music has a few decent moments but for the most part, its annoying and you'll most likely turn it off. Same goes for the sound effects, which are basically beeps and are sometimes unrecognizable,(sometimes I can't tell whether a sound is a bird or what).

Despite these flaws, for the low price and low system requirements, Runescape is a game easily accesible to many and is quite a fun game if you have the patience and time which you need for most MMORPGs.