An interesting 2D fighting game that will keep you playing for at least a few hours. Actual score: 8.2

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is the first game in the Guilty Gear series that I've played, and I'm glad to say that I liked it. Accent Core is full of fast-paced fighting and a collection of cool and entertaining characters. In the game there are a bunch of new stages along with some old ones, a good amount of characters, and a crazy art style which for me, adds to the fun. There are some good voice-overs with great music that I find goes along very well with each character and stage. In the control department lies the problem that stopped this game from being so much better, using the wii-mote to play this game isn't exactly the best of ideas. Your better off using either a Gamecube or classic controller to play this game. A few of the characters have been updated which should definitely appeal to the hardcore Guilty Gear fans. The game includes a bunch of unlockables like original versions of some of the characters with their original abilities and attacks which should make any fan of the series happy. The game also has an art gallery, single-player arcade mode, two different single-player survival modes, and a training mode among other things.

No matter how you look at it I enjoyed the game, and I'm pretty sure any fans of the game or of 2D fighters will enjoy Guilty Gear XX Accent Core. Just remember, don't use the wii-mote to play this game. I'm really looking forward to the next Guilty Gear game and to see where Arc System Works go with the series, and hopefully they will improve on the controls.