The sequel to the games that started the craze to try and Catch'm all is most likely the best RPG on the Game Boy Color.

Pokemon Silver is a game that almost everyone who gamed in the early 2000's owned.Its a quality title,that truly shows how big of an epic the Game Boy Color could actually contain.The world is truly enormous.The visuals do a very good job of a giving a huge scale to it.Many of the character sprites look exactly the same as Pokemon Blue,which isn't a bad thing.The battle scenes look very good,and all of the art for the older Pokemon has been redone for this new title.For a game boy color game,the visuals are very great,and are some of the best the hand held has to offer.

The soundtrack for Pokemon Silver is extremely well done for the game boy,and is adored by fans still to this day.A lot of the battle sounds are very nostalgic,and will remind you of the original cartoon's delightful tone.These old bleeps and bloops still sound great even today.

The game play for Pokemon Silver is surprisingly simple,but complex all at the same time.You spend the game on an adventure to become Pokemon Master! and to Catch all the Pokemon in the world!The game is a turn based RPG and can either have a very complex battle system for hardcore players,or incredibly simple for new comers.You can have a total of 6 Pokemon in your party at any one time.The battle system consists of you choosing which attacks you will use each turn,you can also use different items instead of attacking during your turn.The games challenge is slim to none,its a very easy game,since its targeted age group is of course,towards the kids,which is understandable.

Final Verdict: Pokemon Silver is a very good title for the game boy,and a must have.If you can spare $15 to buy this gem,then you my good gamer,have a truly spectacular game on your hands.