The fun flows out.

I was a huge fan of Battlefront, so i rented this one. At first i couldn't get into it, but once i did this game eclipsed the original and every war game i've played. This game has a very fun story mode where you go through the perspective of a clone, witch is a very nice turn and sheds a new light on the rebellion and war. As well as an excellent presentation, great graphics and a large new addition of great levels and places. Battling in the sky is even enjoyable, as much as i dislike airborne battles.

Gameplay : 10
Great array of weapons, greater selection of levels, simply moves that any player can dip into and a hardcore gamer can get into.

Graphics : 9
Wonderful atmosphere, great character models and a realistic portray on battle.

Sound : 10
Star wars sound, that should sum it all up.

Length : 8
Endless actually, storyline leaves you wanting more but endless amount of fun battles, that never grew tired for me.

Overall : 9.2
Any war fan or star war fan should go buy this