To be a Swashbuck;er on the High Seas!!

Sid Meier’s Pirates is a fun, addictive game. Being a remake of the 1990’s Pirates! Gold, it makes a fitting successor. Anyone who played the older version will right at home. A few differences on how the game plays do come to mind. You need men to run your ships. First, undermanned ships operate at reduced ability. Two, you attack a town’s soldiers, not the fort. Three, fighting other famous pirates is more of a quest than before.
Being a Pirate means attacking and pillaging. The first thing you learn that any ship can take out another, if captained correctly. Two, you have to have a good sized crew and well armed ship to win. Your ship and weapons can both be upgraded. This allows for varied tactics to be applied. Be aware that the ship does handles realistically, especially at the Swashbuckler level. And the AI gets better and much more aggressive as you move up in difficulty.
The role-playing part of Pirates is unique. You don’t have to play it that way, but you miss out on a lot of the fun. Making nice with the Governor’s daughter and completing her requests is the easiest way to gain fame points. This is how your performance is graded. Also trading with the traveler in tavern will help you gain information and items to enhance your game.
Overall, the game is fun and addictive. You can play for a short time or stay up all night chasing across the Caribbean for Baron Raymondo. The game allows you make up your idea on how to succeed. Do you want to conduct trade to build up your fortune or cruise the high seas chasing pirates and helpless merchantmen alike? For everything you do, there are consequences. If you attack Spanish shipping, expect to be hunted by Spanish pirate hunters. Also the local colonies will attack when you try to enter port.
All in all, Pirates! offers a lot to do without getting bogged down in the details. For quick games or that all nighter game that you love, this game will provide for you.