Is this the absolute best Mario Kart out there? Let me tell you with one word: YES.

Pros: Has all the characters that we love from Nintendo i.e. Mario, Yoshi. Only 1 game card required to play with up to 7 friends. A great amount of unlockables. Online enabled. Just plain fun.

Cons: Don't have a USB connector? Don't have a wirless router? Go to a public place i.e. McDonalds to play online.

Just like the previous Mario Karts, this one comes standard with your Grand Prix mode, Time Trials, and VS., and Battle. Two new modes are introduced in this version. Missions and the Nintendo WFC (WiFi Connection....meaning you can play online for teh n00bcakez out there). There's also the lan WiFi multiplayer.

The Grand Prix mode consist of the Nitro Grand Prix and the Retro Grand Prix. In the Nitro Grand Prix there are 4 cups with brand new courses while the Retro Grand Prix consists of 4 cups featuring your favorite classic Mario Kart courses. There's 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and Mirror Mode makes a return. In mirror mode all the tracks are flipped.

Time Trials lets you race on an empty course for your best time. You can send your data to your friends and they can try to beat it and viceversa. Also, each track comes with a staff ghost that you can race against. A staff ghost is the data of a Nintendo staff mamber that recorded his/her time. These ghosts are very hard to beat.

Vs. mode is just racing on a track you pick with bots. This mode is basically like Grand Prix but you choose on a specific track to race on. It may not sound it, but this mode adds great replay value.

Battle mode has bots in it finally! There's Baloon Battle and Shine Runners. In Balloon Battle you start with only one balloon. In order to have more balloons you must press and hold select to blow up balloons. In Shine Runners, whoever collects the most shines before the time expires wins. However, getting hit with an item makes you drop your shines.

Mission mode includes all kinds of crazy tasks with varying difficulties. Some missions are as simple as collecting the rings while others may be as hard as performing 15 power drift boosts in one lap.

1 game card is all that is required for 8 friends to enjoy a heated battle or race ( dont forget the ds kids ). When using 1 game card, the game is limited seeing as your friend can only be Shy Guy and not all courses are avalaible.

The WFC is a great feature with a ton of potential. The bad thing is that you can only race with up to 4 players online. Also, there is no battle mode online and some tracks are unavalaible.

This version of Mario Kart is the best so far and if you aren't a Mario Kart racer already try this one out you will enjoy it. The WFC is extremely fun but could use more work but with patches coming up I'm sure Nintendo will add the things we all want.