Good for an expansion

User Rating: 9 | Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs PC
While it is a great expansion pack something is still amiss with the game that I can't quite put my finger on.

One thing I do have to congratulate Ensemble on is the little things in the game that make it so fun such as some of the new home city shipment cards and improvements to the European nations.

Graphics are still pretty but for some reason some of the native animations seem glitchy. What I thought was the gleam of a metallic object on one of my warriors ended up being some glitchy lighting effect.

The Native Americans nations are without a doubt the focus of this game and definitely make an impact on you when you play as them. Although I don't believe playing as any particular is easier than playing as another they all have their unique points. What I really enjoy about the native nations are the big button upgrades you can use when you click on certain building (infact its almost any building).

The real challenge while playing as the natives is finding the right mix of units that can contend with the Euro units which can be hard depending on the nation you play as. The first time I played as the Sioux my horsemen (which I thought were supposed to be outstanding) kept getting slaughtered by euro units that weren't even that great against cavalry. I'm not going to tell you my solution but I'm sure you'll figure one out for yourself.

All in all its a great game and I'm looking forward to many more hours of gameplay.