The lack of variety in tracks , no police and boring storyline makes NFS Underground 2 very boring and disappointing .

NFS UG 2 has great graphics and awesome cars and modifications , and that's one part of it that keeps you wanting for more . It's fun to customize your car in your own funky way . The music is alright , not the best .

But there really is nothing fun about this game . The whole night time thing all the time is annoying . And what's the point of being a street racer with no police behind you tail ..... ugh . The whole city looks the same to me , every track looks the same , you move from place to place , just to do the same stuff over and over and over and over again . I gave up on this game pretty soon . Overall , it's really boring .

NFS Underground 2 is an okay racing game ... but you can definately avoid this instalment of the NFS series , and play Gran Turismo 4 or something .